In general, we drive too fast.

There's nothing left to lose.

Tuna might think you don't like him.

Everyone ignored us.


The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.

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I didn't recognize him at first on the train.


I'm not going to let Blake get to me.

That's the only thing we could be certain of!

Jeannie told me that he needed some money.

Herman smiled at me and we began to talk.

Please wait outside the house.


He's Austrian.

I downloaded the file which Oscar uploaded.

Is everyone busy?

We're not seeing each other anymore.

Tell me what that man is like.

Carlo made the first move.

If I tell him, then it's as good as done. He'll definitely take care of it.


I am going to pick up my brother from school.

Yesterday I listened to a very beautiful song.

Hostilities permanently ceased.


He hugs a tree.

Everything must be in perfect order for the wedding.

I went to school because I wanted a diploma.

We can go both on foot.

Bertrand said that she loved Blair and always would love him.

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We have several options.

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Being a pervert, his delight at staining an example sentence with his sperm for the 100th time will stay with him.


The dog wants to leave.

Tuan doesn't mind getting wet.

Stay out of here.


I am tying the cow to the pole.

I don't know how much money we've got.

I didn't know how I should answer his question.

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Oh, Maria! If I had known before, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you.

The castle might be haunted.

I'll look up the expression in the dictionary.


I went to bed early because I was too tired.

Did you show your record of service?

Joel always prays before eating.

I wonder why no one has bought this yet.

We haven't done that yet.

She made up her mind to go to college.

Who can field this question?

I'm allergic to pollen.

Dan said his house had been burglarized.


Philip certainly doesn't speak for all of us.

Grant didn't care to stay.

You can handle this without me.

There's a lot of red tape involved in this procedure.

I thought that was your job.

Kindly address yourself to the chairman, not directly to other representatives at this meeting.

They sat under a tree.

Adam successfully completed the program.

He is alleged to have been a thief.

Dragons are imaginary animals.

Bad news is preferable to an absence of information.


Let's smoke this hashish!

It's your call, Dirk.

Walk this way.

Let's go wake Stuart up.

They vowed to marry after the war.


How about using disposable droppers?

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The police are following us.

There's no secret plan.

I didn't understand you.

I have already talked with this student.

I want to be there when you tell Lievaart that.


Coleen is allergic to girls.

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Let us know if you have any suggestions.

I had a physical checkup.

I didn't understand them.

I am busy; otherwise I would accept your invitation.

Tammy could be a big help to you, I think.

These three countries were united into one.

Do you often watch cooking shows?

Kenneth is watching them.

You don't have to commit yourself unless you want to.

This plan can hardly be improved upon.

He used her bike without asking permission.

Please ask him to call me.

Since Janet died, her husband has really gone off the deep end.

Why don't you tell me what you remember?

Practically every family has a TV.

Every apple is red.

Why didn't you tell me Randell wasn't Canadian?

I don't want to be a hero.

Have to go back now.

I'll go and buy some chocolate.

The rising temperature and changing chemistry of ocean water combine with other stresses, such as overfishing and coastal and marine pollution, to alter marine-based food production and harm fishing communities.


No further action will be taken.

I'd also like the same, please.

Work hard, or you'll have to take the same course again next year.

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I can't hold up my head before him.


We've got to leave early.

What did it cost?

It certainly looks that way.


I heard you got a job.

I don't know why she is this worried.

Why worry about Vicki?

It would be so transgressive.

They were burdened with heavy taxes.

Seymour is trapped.

This pear is better than yours.

Just what is it you want from me?

You could get arrested for that.

I have made up my mind now.

Our university has a good library.


Ginny doesn't know what I'm going to do.

What does that do?

I get paid 300,000 yen per month.

Let us daydream!

June left the radio on.


What would the world be without women?


We don't care about the money.

We stayed there for three months.

She was idly turning over the pages of a magazine.


I saw Andrew tonight.

Do you think there's a chance I'll be elected?

Remember to brush your teeth.


His attendance is irregular.

I remember the letter.

He comes here once a month.

I think it's a good plan.

I've seen you with him.


The room became filled with smoke.

Julius and I don't feel that way.

They angered me.

He was large, not to say fat.

Money cannot compensate for life.


I'll go for a walk if the weather improves.

Her sons have gone to Tokyo.

Luis is very unfair.

Jacob never heard Emil coming.

I thought I'd better go.

He has great ambitions, but we should all follow and see if the dreams are going to be fulfilled.

He didn't suspect anything.

You have to wear a helmet to protect your head.

Marie is my best friend.

We dishonor the living and venerate the dead.

I was watching him.

Keep a good eye on Frederick.

Their house is just opposite the bus stop.

Erwin couldn't go on the picnic with us today because he had an important business meeting.

We're not going anywhere with this, are we.


I don't think I'll make it.

It doesn't sound very exciting.

I couldn't believe what was happening.

This song is beautiful when you sing it.

I just wanted to be with her.

Optical illusion makes the second object look larger than the first.

Vistlik has a bank account in the Cayman Islands.

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What's the point of not eating?

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Was your difficulty in getting up back then also because you wanted to be chastized I wonder?


Woman observes, man decides.


Jinchao said more than he had planned to.


Vladimir holstered his pistol.

Even a loser can dress for success.

To my surprise, she was alive.

Are you trying to get rid of me?

Here's another idea.

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I'm crazy.

My mother left me a message.

Spring is followed by summer.